Saveh Gray cement factory

  • Year of establishment: 2007.
  • Production rate: 7200 tons per day.
  • Production line: Design and installation by FLSmith, Denmark.

In 2007, a gray cement factory with a capacity of 7,200 tons per day was launched with “dry” production technology. It should be noted that the gray cement production line of this company was designed and installed by FLSmith of Denmark. The products of this company have been exported to more than 20 countries and the company has the following valid certificates.


Procedures and equipment
Gray cement production line



  •  Mammut Crusher with a capacity of 1800 tons per hour, model 98/135MB, made by TKF, Germany.
  • Jaw Crusher with a capacity of 300 tons per hour, model EB12-10/N, manufactured by TKF, Germany, is effective for crushing silica and iron ore up to dimensions below 18 cm.
  •  Cone Crusher gyratory stone crusher with a capacity of 300 tons per hour, model 90-33 KUBIRA G, made by TKF, Germany, which is used to crush silica and iron ore to dimensions below 8 cm.

Mixing room

  • The mixing hall of this complex includes two piles with a capacity of 50,000 tons each.

Material mill

  • This department has two Atox R45 roller material mills made by FLS Denmark with a capacity of 300 tons per hour.

Preheater and oven

  • Each of the production lines has an ILC5 Stages preheater with a calciner made by the Danish FLS company with a capacity of 3600 tons per day, and also has a 3600-ton FLS Danish furnace.

Cement mill

  • This company has three ball cement mills with a capacity of 135 tons per hour each, with dimensions of 4.6x15m, manufactured by FLS Denmark, UMS-Closed Circuit model.

loading dock

  • In the part of the Rotary Packer loading house with a capacity of 120 tons per hour, which was designed and built by HAVER&BOECKER Co. in Germany.

Products of SAVEH Gray Cement Company

سیمان پرتلند تیپ 1 Type 1 Portland cement

Type 1 Portland cement

آنالیز سیمان خاکستری ساوه manufacturer gray cement