Saveh Portland white cement

White Portland cement is produced from special materials that have very little iron and manganese. The application of this cement is in the construction of buildings with white facades. Special aggregates are usually used in the construction of these white and bright buildings.

The price of white Portland cement is about twice that of regular Portland cement. Therefore, during these working stages of transferring and mixing, caution must be observed to avoid contamination and all equipment and tools must be completely clean. The mines of SAVEH cement area have limestone with high purity. Continuous quality control through very modern laboratory equipment and the use of expert and experienced personnel has placed the product of this factory in the highest national and international standards.

SAVEH White Cement Company is considered one of the most reliable white cement producing companies in Iran and the Middle East region. The quality of the raw materials available in the nearby mines of this factory, along with the advanced production line and the unique water-cooling system, has caused the white clinker cement produced by this company to be produced with a very high degree of whiteness.

The most important characteristic of this product is its degree of whiteness, which is determined by accurate tests with a whiteness meter. The white cement produced by this factory with a whiteness of over 92% is now available in 25, 40, and 50 kg bags, as well as in jumbo bags (bag pallets) and Bulk is produced and supplied in two types, domestic and export. SAVEH White Cement Company is continuously and continuously controlled by experts and specialists from the stage of transfer of raw materials to the final product in chemical laboratories and x-ray.

سیمان سفید پرتلند Portland white cement